The Roberto Carcelen Foundation aims to provide young adults with the ability to achieve long lasting change in their lives and communities through education in technology.

We believe education is the key to a lifetime of success and the eradication of poverty. Access to education will equip future generations with the tools they need to seize life’s opportunities and contribute back to their communities. 

YEP’s goal is to teach young adults to code and foster in them curiosity in high demand STEM careers with the immediate benefit of joining the workforce short thereafter graduation. These short-term program will teach youth the basics of computer programming via the creation of websites and mobile apps.

Our current YEP program in being delivered in several cities in the United States and Peru through key partnerships with local governments and education advocacy organizations.

More than 500 students have been served in two countries.
70% graduation rate success
20% of graduates are working in the industry.

How can I get involved?


We rely on the passion and enthusiasm of the community and supporters to achieve our mission goals.
Please, donate your time and expertise to help us raise funds and awareness.

Open volunteering opportunities

  • Event planners and coordinators (NY, Seattle, Palm Beach)
  • Content and grant writers (Online)


Donate today and support our programs and initiatives on education technology and health.